Construction Process & What to Expect

It is almost impossible to put a price on integrity or quantify peace of mind that is why Courtland Home Builders is committed to client satisfaction and quality construction. Warren Smith, founder of Courtland Home Builders, personally manages construction of each home to ensure perfect customer satisfaction. By limiting the number of projects he accepts each year, Warren is able to work with the homeowner through every stage of construction.


Building all starts with an Idea, and taking that idea and making it a reality. At Courtland Homebuilders you will actually sit down with Warren face to face and come up with an actual floor plan / blueprint.


We evaluate the lot after its been surveyed to see what proper utility connections will need to be made. Warren will walk the lot with you staking off the building envelope and showing where the actual home will be built.


BREAKING GROUND with all the correct permits and a sign off on the blue prints. Courtland Homebuilders will break ground and begin constructing your new home. Building will take approximately 7-9 months depending on the size of home and weather conditions.


As your home is being built, Warren invites you the homeowners to come in and asses his work and to see the progress of the home. Depending upon which stage of the building process the home is in, you will still be able to tweak some changes.


Once construction is complete, Warren will personally walk through the home with you seeking your approval and marking any imperfections by making a punch list of which areas of the home need to be improved.


Corrections are made and then once your satisfied with the home, Warren will turn over the keys to you the proud new homeowner of a Courtland Home.


Courtland Homebuilders doesnt stop here. After 30 days of living in the home, you will be contacted to see if there are any additional changes that need to be improved upon with your new home. After all here at Courtland Home Builders we pride ourselves on outstanding quality, craftsmanship and the overall guarantee of customer satisfaction.